Astroplax Green PVC Coated Mesh

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Astroplax Green PVC Coated Mesh

  • Plasticised electrically welded mesh fencing in pine green.
  • Astroplax is an electro-welded and plasticised galvanised wire mesh, with corrugated horizontal wires with rectangular mesh. Plasticisation is obtained using an exclusive fluidization process, the Galvaplax Process from Cavatorta. It’s use is mainly intended for fences in residential and non-industrial sectors. Astroplax mesh combines aesthetics and economy.
  • The Astroplax mesh adapts to all types of fence due to its ease of assembly and its elegance. Astroplax mesh is produced with a high-strength exterior wire. Its regular mesh design gives it a perfectly harmonious appearance.


Introducing our diverse range of top quality agricultural fencing and wire mesh. Our experienced team is ready to Supply And Fit these high-quality products in the Essex area. With a wide selection of options including sawn flat rails, machine round poles, astroplax, and stock fencing, we have everything you need for your agricultural fencing needs. Trust us for the best products and expert installation. Get the job done right with our agricultural fencing and wire mesh.


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